Sinhala Association of Queensland (SAQ)

Our objectives

  • To promote and preserve Sinhala language
  • To promote and preserve religious activities that facilitate Sri Lankan culture
  • To promote and preserve Sri Lankan culture including Sri Lankan music, dancing, art and drama with emphasis on the Sinhala language
  • To provide assistance to new immigrants from Sri Lanka
  • To provide assistance to Sri Lankans in crisis
  • To facilitate welfare needs of the members of the SAQ
  • To establish funds as required to meet future needs of the members of the SAQ
  • To undertake activities that facilitate Sri Lankan culture and promote multiculturalism in Australia.

We organise:

  • Cultural events
  • Entertaining events
  • Events to broaden knowledge
  • Events to meet people important to the community
  • Fun and recreational events
  • Events to connect with the wider community

We assist:

  • Members of the Sri Lankan community who are in dire financial difficulties
  • New migrants from Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lankans in the motherland who need help

Other Services:

  • Sinhala School – Yeoman service to the community to maintain Sinhala language through educating children
  • Senior Citizen Group – helping our elderly citizen to meet with each other and enjoy other’s company

Our events:

  • Cultural events: New Year celebrations every year
  • Entertaining events: Saralanga, film shows, musicals & dramas
  • Events to broaden knowledge: Presentations by ‘learned people’ (e.g. Uncle Hettiarachchi’s presentation on Sri Lankan crafts), Workshops by visiting artists (e.g. Workshop by Sriyantha Mendis and Drama group)
  • Fun and recreational events (annual soft-ball cricket tournament and annual trip organised by the Senior Citizen Group)
  • Assisting visiting Sri Lankans (e.g. assisted the team of doctors and PHIs who came for a training course)

Assistance for Jobs

SAQ also has started a scheme to assist needy SAQ members who require assistance in job applications and interviews. We have highly knowledgeable volunteers to assist in job application writing and preparing for job interviews. If you know anybody who requires help for job applications and job interviews, please contact any committee member.

Material Assistance

We have another programme to help those new migrants who require material assistance. Materials could be any household item such as furniture or electrical items. If you know anybody who can donate material or who requires material assistance please contact us. We also need volunteers to help transporting items to needy people.

Our thanks:

  • To Radio 4 EB Sri Lankan Group for the contribution in organising workshops and for giving publicity to our services.