Job Assistance

Getting a job or getting a promotion in the job is one of the most difficult experiences for most Sri Lankans living in Australia. Even though some may have relevant qualifications and experience, writing job applications and facing job interviews is often a difficult task, especially for those who have language limitations. Therefore, some members of the Sri Lankan community, particularly new migrants, may require the following assistance:

  1. Assistance in preparing job applications, particularly in correcting/ improving written applications
  2. Assistance in preparing for job interviews

We have a number of knowledgeable SAQ members who could provide assistance to these needy members.

The system proposed to assist in job applications and interviews includes the following:

  1. Appointment of coordinator/s to liaise between members who need assistance and those who could provide assistance
  2. Identification of knowledgeable SAQ members who could provide assistance
  3. Giving publicity to this scheme to enable needy members to request assistance

Appointment of coordinator/s

It is suggested to appoint two resource coordinators (one as the Principle Resource Coordinator – Job Assistance) in order to reduce the work load on one person and also to ensure continuity when one person is not available. It is the responsibility of the resource coordinator/s to identify the most suitable resource personnel when requests for assistance are made, depending on the availability of resource personnel and the area of the job application.

Resource personnel to provide assistance

It is proposed that the SAQ Management Committee prepare a list of volunteer members who could provide assistance. They are to be drawn from different fields of work. The selected members should preferably be knowledgeable in their respective areas and command good English language skills. A sufficient number of volunteers needs to be identified so that only one volunteer could deal with a single needy member. Once introduced to the needy member, the resource person needs to deal with the member in a most sympathetic and constructive manner. It is to be realised that the resource person should only provide suggestions and advice. It is up to the recipient to either accept or reject such advice and the resource person should work with a good understanding to maintain a cordial relationship. The behaviour of the resource personal is important to the image of the SAQ. Therefore, utmost patience needs to be exercised by the resource personnel, when required. This job assistance service should be made available to any needy SAQ member.