Material Assistance

There are some Sri Lankans in Queensland, particularly those who migrated recently, who would benefit from material assistance. Students is another group of Sri Lankans who would require such assistance. The material they would require may include household items, particularly furniture and electronic items. On the other hand, there are well-established Sri Lankans in here who have give-aways and are happy to get rid of excess materials. The purpose of this scheme is to liaise between these two groups to enable needy SAQ members to acquire required materials without paying for them. This scheme will be handled by the Principal Resource Coordinator –Material Assistance. This person also will be assisted by a Resource Coordinator –Material Assistance, for the same reasons given for the previous service.

The functions of resource coordinators include:

  1. Give publicity to this scheme among the Sri Lankan community
  2. Prepare a list of donors who could provide material and the type of material available
  3. Identify recipients who require such material
  4. Liaise between these two groups and make arrangements to provide assistance

It should be noted that the collection and storing of material is not a function for the SAQ. Donors are required to store material with them until collected by recipients/ resource coordinators or those assisting resource coordinators. Transportation of materials is up to either the donor or the recipient. However, if there are voluntary members who could assist in transporting materials, their service may be used. Resource coordinators are to prepare a list of those willing to provide transportation of materials. This service should be made available to any needy SAQ member.

Other matters relevant to both schemes

Both these schemes should be well publicised and contact details of resource coordinators should be made available. Arrangements may be made in such a way that any person knowledgeable of a needy person to contact the relevant resource coordinator. It is necessary to keep the details of those who avail benefits from these schemes confidential, as some may not like their names known by others. In addition, they need to be dealt with in a friendly and courteous manner. Although these services could be provided without incurring SAQ funds most of the time, there may be occasions where this is not possible. Therefore, it is recommended to keep about $200 in the Welfare Account, reserved for this purpose.

Recognition of the resource personnel

It is necessary to recognise the services of voluntary resource personnel assisting these schemes, one as a way of motivating them, the other to show the gratitude of the community. Their names may be made public when ever there are opportunities such as the ‘Saralanga souvenir’.